Saturday, March 31, 2007


Thursday the family went to Seattle. It's not in the same state as us, but close enough we can go up for just the day. We mainly hung out at the Pike Place market. They were selling all kinds of stuff there, from jewelry to candles, fish, vegetables, paintings, you name it. I got this studded leather cuff, which was kind of a whim. Blew all my money on it too, it was $15. (truth is, I had been saving my money until I found someone selling bokuto(wooden swords). No such luck.)
There were people playing instruments, like flute, a Chinese instrument that I don't know but it sounds cool, and a bunch of of old Mexican dudes with guitars. And then there were the Fish Flingers. They were yelling various things that were either incomprehensible or in an unknown language, and throwing 10-pound salmon at each other while running their fish market. Very impressive.

We wandered around for a while, and eventually got piroshky to eat. Then we went to a cafe and got coffee and cookies and stuff,which was nice. We took everything down to a park and ate it. The Park had a nice view of the Olympic mountains across Puget Sound, which are pretty cool-looking, being huge, jagged, and covered in snow.
Late afternoon we went home. It was a nice way to spend a day.

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