Friday, April 6, 2007

The wierdest freakin' thing

Something really weird happened last afternoon. So I'm walking in a park, and I pass by this apartment complex that has a backyard connecting directly to the park. I glanced over at the kids playing in there, and continued walking. Then I heard a voice yell for me to come over. I looked back, and this girl, she can't have been more than 9 or 10, was motioning me to come over there. Uncertainly, I walked to the fence. "Yes? Wh--" she interrupted. "Do you have a girlfriend?"
I could sorta see where this was going. "No..."
"D'you want one?"
"I suppose..."
"Well there's my sister! She's smart! What d'you think?"
I looked up. There was a girl of 14 or 15 sorta peering out of an upstairs window. Like, what the heck. Her 9-year-old sister was boyfriend hunting for her?
I sort of let out a pained "Uuummmm...." These people were total strangers. I had never seen them before in my life and lived 2 miles away.
"Gimme you phone number," the 9-year-old said.
This was where it had to stop. "Ah, no thanks."
"C'mon, pleeeaaase?"
I began to walk away. "No, sorry."
And that was it. Weird, huh? I have never heard of something like that before.

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