Sunday, March 11, 2007

A weekend spent 150 miles away

We went to the beach this weekend. w00t! Actually, I should say, we stayed at a house near the beach. It was really windy the whole time, so we only went down to the ocean a couple times. But it was still cool. I went with my cousins and grandparents, and we pretty much lived on cookies and Juice Squeeze for two days, heh heh...
There was this old lighthouse that about half of us visited(My grandma, J and my cousin Jake all opted to stay at the house), but it was a little boring, because you couldn't go all the way to the top. The ladder was metal, it wasn't about to fall apart! Maybe an "Ascend at your own risk" sign...but no. Nonono. However, it was pretty funny when this kid came tearing down the lighthouse stairs yelling, "Oh my god, there's a ghost up there! We heard, like, screams or something!!" The proprietor went on to explain he heard an alarm to keep people from stealing stuff. The kid shut up after that.
From there, we went downtown, which was full of little souvenir shops, restaurants, and a fish-processing plant sarming with seagulls. Walking along the docks, my mom heard this sort of barking sound, and we looked down and there were a bunch of sea lions hanging out on this floating wood thingy. I am sheerly amazed by there resemblance to overstuffed sausages with faces. They sat there, barking and sleeping, completely unaware they were rapidly becoming a tourist attraction. After watching them for a while, we bought like a pound of candy and went back to the house.
We watched a total of four movies while we were there: "Flushed Away" (OK), "Ice Age 2" (lame), "Mad Hot Ballroom (not voluntarily), and "Monster House" (pretty cool, but the animation could have been better). And Jake was pretty well inseperable from his DS.
The next day we spent mainly packing, as we were only there for a weekend, but we still managed to get down to the beach for a little while, and I found this cool little tide pool that was filled with sea anemones. The surrounding rocks were covered with snails, enough so that it was pretty much impossible to avoid stepping on some. But we fed the squished snails to the anemones. Mmm...
A nice weekend. Yeah.

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