Saturday, March 17, 2007

Frogs? I mean, frogs?

There were frogs in our yard last night. There I am, 1 AM, reading a book with the window open cuz the weather's nice, and what do I hear but frogs! They sounded like they were having a party or something. Of course, frogs would not be unusual if you lived in the country or some suburban housing development, or something, but in Parkrose, the closest wild frog location is probably like a mile away. Wierd.
Today, the weather was nice, so I hung out on our roof and read. The living room roof is easily accessible from my bedroom window, which is just cool. I spend time there on sunny days. Well, the weather was nice. I read a book called "The Black Tatoo", It's about demons and stuff like that. It's creepy, and pretty good.
There was also a pair of bald eagles circling over our house. They were kinda high up, but I still took some pix. Here, check them out.

They're pretty rare around here, at least where we are. Cool.
I also rode my bike to the library, and upon turning onto Prescott Street, I was scoffed at by another teenager (it seems to be happening more often. See entry #2 about the wooden sword incident). He clearly thought my bike looked ridiculous, and proceeded to speed up on his bike, I guess to show he was cooler. Admittedly, my bike is a little weird looking, being assembled by a friend with lots of old parts, with odd paint colors and such, but it works beautifully. And this whackass had no room to talk. He was riding one of those supposedly cool bikes, the miniscule ones a six-year-old could ride comfortably on. Hah.

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Elizabeth said...

Hey, Simon, those eagles were over our house on Thursday, except there were *four* of them. Yeah, four. It was only the second time I've ever seen an eagle in the wild! Gotta love Oregon. The sun was too bright, though--I couldn't stare at them like I wanted to, and my eyes were watering from trying.