Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Most of you already know this, as I don't think I have any readers other than from the west coast, but there was a total lunar eclipse two days ago. It was at 2:00 am, so I didn't get much sleep, staying up until 3:30 to watch it. My mom and brother came outside to watch, as well. It took about an hour to fully cover up, and when it did, the moon turned a beautiful shade of orange. It looked like Mars was orbiting Earth or something. Although it kind of sucks, here's a picture we took:
Not much else has happened, except I got into honors classes for Parkrose High, I'll be taking honors English and Global Studies, so that's pretty cool. Usually, you need teacher recommendations from the previous year to get in, but all I had was an essay I wrote, and the accepted it! I guess I'm a genius or something :P
Oh yeah, and some random Chinese guy IM'd me the other day. He thought I was a transfer student or something. His English wasn't very good, and it took half an hour or so to get him to realize he was talking to the wrong person :)
That's all that's happened recently.

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