Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I've been getting more productive with my movies recently. I currently have two projects going. one is a Flash animation called "A grain of sand". It's about a little man with strange powers who is created out of thin air for absolutely no purpose whatsoever, and decides to explore the surrounding landscape. (the picture is a screenshot from that.)
My other movie is a claymation, the title is undecided. It's about a psychopath who wears a mango on his head and smashes houses with a giant club. Meanwhile, the local police force tries to stop him. The flash animation will be finished soon, the other will take longer.
You can see some of my older flash movies here:
The Refrigerator is one of my first flash movies, so it isn't very good. Sketchy Fight was something I tried later, focusing more on fluid animation then art quality, and Transmutation is an abstract movie about things changing shape. Enjoy! (Or don't. Maybe they suck.) :P

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