Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, a couple things...tomorrow, first of all, is my birthday, at which point I will turn 15. I should really be taller.
Secondly, on Saturday I hiked up into the Cascades with my grandpa, who--even at 67--has the energy to hike all over the place and probably a higher level of stamina than I do. He belongs to a hiking club that recently built a lodge halfway up Larch Mountain in the Cascades. We went up there, and it took all morning.
We began at the base of Multnomah Falls, and after making our way up steep, punishing switchbacks, reached the top of the cliff and continued inwards, up a long trail that wound through the forest, through several small streams that cut directly across the path, across a river, up many slopes, down an unpaved road, and finally to the lodge at about 1800 feet. Going up took about two hours and was a good three miles or so.
I found the lodge was quite well-stocked, with a gas stove, refrigerator, and electric lights. We hung out there for about an hour, enjoying the scenery and eating my grandpa's patent Slimy Noodle Soup, which is basically instant ramen with all the ingredients removed except the noodles and broth. It's actually pretty decent.
The way down seemed to take even longer than the way up, and by the time I got back I was only semiconscious. It was 4:00 pm, and we had been at it for five hours. I was totally worn out, but nonetheless, it was a nice way to spend a Saturday.
Here are some pictures I took.
Multnomah Falls. Cloudy days are awesome.
A rock overhang above the trail. I stood with my back to the rock wall and took this picture, which ended up being awesome.
The forest is so very green.
A stream and a log, directly across the path.
There was an impressive viewpoint near the lodge. We were this high up. The picture blurred a little, unfortunately.
You could see for miles.
There was one place where two creeks joined together at funny angles, and it was one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.


Taylor said...

Oh really thats freakin' awesome I go by Kitsune which means
"Fox" in Japanese. I love Japan and in some ways I'm obsesed. Manga...Yes manga is my life,I'm an anime freak.

I know Phill, 'cause Audrey brings me up to the two lodges hence I sometimes hang with the trail club.

After thought I'm a decent manga artist.I love drawing it.

Another after thought I went up to Nesika and met your cosin Jack.I also go up to Tyee in the winter.

By the way my real name is Taylor and I'm 13.
You and Jack should come up to Tyee this winter sometime that wold be real cool.I think this comment is long enough.

Simon, "The Yokai" said...

All right! A comment! And from someone I can relate to. How's it going?
Hiking up to Tyee in the winter, now that I think about it, is a great idea. I'll see if I can work that out somehow.
Thanks for commenting!

Ren-Chan said...

Good summer's almost over and for me that means the Kumoricon and dressing up as Temari Shippuden.

Is the picture a picture of the top of your head?

If it is do you have a blue streak, 'cause if you have a blue streak so do I.

Ren-Chan said...

Taylor and ren-chan are the same person just to let you know

Yokai said...

That is indeed the top of my head. However, It's a picture of the top of my head from two years ago, so I recently updated my blog with a masterful hand-drawn self portrait. :D
I don't have a blue streak anymore, although I'm thinking about dying it again.

Ren-Chan said...

Why not keep it blue,it looked god on you.:3
Did you know that kumori means
"cloudy weather" hence cloudy weather con.
I got Paranoid and had to look it up. Yes that is something i do periodically.
I feel like such a nerd i'm going into geometry.(sob sob)
heh whatever i can make up for it whith my awesome manga skills,danm i could sometimes hate sasha for making my ego grow so big.
Sash is a Manga artist too with an ego about the size of the US.

Yokai said...

Nice. I'd like to see some of your art some time. Although, rather than writing a continuous string of comments on a single blog post, if we want to keep talking how about we email each other instead? That would be a little more convenient :D
Here's my email: elessar@coho.net