Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finals, animation, and machinima!

Yo people. It's coming up on finals week, so I'm a little stressed. I should be fine with plenty of preparation though.
Also, I've started a new animation about a slug monster. I was sick and tired of waiting to finally save up enough money for a better computer before I started animating again, so I just began animating on the other computer. It's a Mac, and Flash for OS X is inconvenient at best, rage-inducing at worst. But I've progressed pretty well, trying out a new style of animation and art, and hopefully it should be done in a few weeks. Look out for that. Also, on a similar note, the comic anthology I and my friends were doing is at the printers, so we should get the finished books back soon...very exciting.
Finally, I'd like to mention a interesting new artform I found out about that's quite innovative. Machinima--as it's known, for those of you who haven't heard of it--is a filmmaking technique in which people create movies in real-time video game environments.
Basically, this usually works out as one person playing the "Cameraman" character, who uses his character's view of the game and recording software to "film" events in the game, while other players act out various roles, creating a sort of virtual live-action film. I had heard about it before, but never really had any interest until a few weeks ago after reading a book on the subject. If you don't understand what the hell I'm talking about, the video below is a humorous machinima film created using the game Half-Life 2. It's worth watching anyway; it's hilarious.

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