Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scupper me chips, it's an update

Hello all, and welcome to the Occasional Update of The Yokai's Blog. Thank you for reading.
Well, as for school, it's been alright. I enjoy school, but absolutely HATE a. getting up in the morning and b. doing homework. Most of the teachers are okay, except the math and advisory teachers, who are jerks. I'm making some friends there as well, which is nice.
Otherwise, I'm even closer to finished with "A Grain of Sand", I recently upgraded all the art in it, so the scenery looks much better now. It should be done soon. As for the clay movie, I don't know when I'm even gonna get started on that...I have so many plans for I'm wishing I didn't spend $145 on the animation program, which isn't the greatest anyway. But "Sand" will be done soon, and it's gonna be awesome.
Speaking of movies, I've found some really awesome animations on Newgrounds. I really like Flash movies with a lot of action. Not necessarily violence, but with a lot going on. You'll see what I mean if you watch these masterpieces.

The YuYu is a truly amazing work by a retired Disney animator, with great music.

Future is a music video for a Japanese techno song. It looks 3D, but was done with just flash.

Metropolis Circuit Is like a combination of the previous two. Two people race each other through a futuristic city.

And finally, today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arr! Hence the title, me hearties.

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Anonymous said...

you are a wonderful person
i miss u so much
thanks you for the picture
you are a wonderful person
and i miss you so much