Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here I am again!

Woot.  Almost five months and finally another post.  There's a lot to say.  Second semester started last month, giving me three new classes:  Advanced Animation, Basic Piano, and *shudder* "Future Focus".  Animation is extremely fun, except I'm the only freshman in the class, as the normal prerequisite is the beginning animation class.  I've had prior training in animation, however, so they let me in.  Piano could be better, the teaching methods aren't all that great, but I've still learned quite a bit.
Then there's Future Focus.  This may be the dumbest waste of time ever conceived by the education administration.  Basically, we sit in front of five-year-old computers using ten-year-old software to give us some sort of plan of what to do with ourselves.  For the intelligent people who think ahead, and have a good idea of what they're going to do with their lives, this class is mind-numbingly stupid.  We spend fifteen minutes using a program written in 1996 to practice typing, which is rather ironic considering most of us have been typing quite well since around age eight.  The teacher has a personality similar to a reanimated corpse with his facial muscles frozen in a manic smile.  He actually knows very little about current technology, and secretly watches episodes of "Lost" on YouTube when he thinks no one's paying attention.  And it's a REQUIRED CLASS.  AAGH!
That's the end of my little rant.  In other news, I've joined a manga club at the high school whose goal is to create and publish an anthology with several short stories, and sell it at local stores.  It's run by the animation teacher's 30-year-old son, and is great fun.  I recently spent several hours penciling and inking an extreme wideshot of a desert city, drawing 700 little buildings individually.  I'm probably insane.
And finally, my craptastic computer finally died, so no more movies in production until summer when I can buy a new one :(
See you all soon.

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