Friday, June 22, 2007

Another weekend away

This time we went to Anacortes, in the San Juan Islands in northern Washington. Anacortes is a pretty cool place. It's on Fidalgo Island, the easternmost in the archipelago, and there's an oil refinery nearby. Not helping prevent air pollution, but it's cool to draw.
My aunt and uncle live there, on a hill overlooking the ferry dock. There's an amazing view. You can see the heavily forested Cypress and Decatur Islands over a couple miles of water. Here's a map to clear things up:On the second day, we went into downtown Anacortes, to the bookstore where my aunt used to work. It's got a very good selection of books for its size. I bought "Lady Friday" by Garth Nix. It's very well-written and original. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy stories. But read the other books in the series first.
On the second day, we took the ferry to Friday Harbor (Accessible only by air or water) on San Juan Island. It was a long ride, about an hour. The ferries are amazingly spacious, though, and there weren't a lot of people on board, so it was a nice ride. We rode the "Hyak". Sounds like a bad cough.
After arriving in Friday Harbor, we wandered around for a while, ate lunch in a little cafe, and I accidentally stole something. That's right. It was a little brochure that amazingly cost $3.00. I took it, believing it was free. Whoops. I realized it cost money after about half an hour, and my mom convinced me to buy it from the bookstore where it came from. I would have just returned it. That would have made the most sense, but mom wouldn't let me. Not exactly sure why...If I had returned it, I would have had enough money to buy another book. Damned sales tax. That's why I like Oregon. No sales tax!!!
I bought it, and bought a manga that I was unable to find anywhere in Portland, at a different bookstore. Then we had some ice cream that was really perfect. I visited four bookstores in 24 hours. That must be a record or something. We went back to Anacortes in the Hyak--*ahem* Excuse me.
The next day we left. The drive home is 300 miles and five hours or so, but fortunately I came prepared. I had the Knox podcast on my iPod. Knox is a genius. He's an animator that makes really funny and sometimes retarded clay animation movies, and his podcast is hilarious. I entertained myself with that for several hours.
It's really fun going up there. We haven't visited my aunt and uncle in several years, and it was nice to do it again. They live in such an awesome place.

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Magpie Ima said...

Nice writing, yet again.

BUT I have to clarify one thing for your readers. I wanted to you to pay for the brochure because it was way too banged up to sell by the time you realized you'd made a mistake. But I am proud of you for doing the right thing.